DOC: Furniture stores sales climb 1.9% in May

U.S. furniture and home furnishings store sales increased 1.9% in May from the same month a year ago, one of the smallest gains of any retail sector and well below the 8.1% increase for the combined retail and food services sectors.

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Wondersign’s endless aisle detour

For years, a Wondersign endless aisle solution made all the sense in the world for furniture stores looking to play in the e-commerce space or just better compete digitally with Wayfair, Amazon, and the rest. With just a couple of clicks, a retailer could “select all” from a manufacturer’s digital catalog and load it into the in-store kiosk or website and instantly offer a much deeper selection than anything it could contain within its showroom walls.

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City Furniture’s to-the-trade evolution

To-the-trade business isn’t a brand new concept for City Furniture. In fact, the Florida retailer has had a commercial sales team for years, offering specialized services and attention to home builders and other home-related professionals for years.

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