Outdoor fabrics shine at Interwoven

Interwoven—the International Textile Alliance’s fabric market previously known as Showtime—launched with a rebranded image this week, and exhibitors were excited about the brand update.

“I like the new name, I think it works well for the show and ‘Showtime’ felt a little outdated,” said Teresa Buelin of Outdura. 

And the rebrand wasn’t the only thing exhibitors were excited about.

After two hard years of fabric shortages, fabric manufacturers came ready to show off new collections—proving their resiliency and commitment to customers and new designs during hard times. 

One of those companies is Sunbrella, which not only introduced new designs in its Showtime collection this market, but also told Casual News Now that its $250 million investment is about to pay off.

Back in 2021, parent company Glen Raven announced a multi-phase plan to expand production at all levels, from yarn to finished fabric. The total of all three phases amounts to $250 million in investments and will increase the company’s production capabilities by more than 30%.


Officials said the new spun-yarn plant co-located with Glen Raven’s existing Norlina, N.C., facility will begin to increase production output by more than double.

In terms of trends and its Showtime collection, designs in the line included deep reds and oranges, as well as blues, teals and greens. 

“Indigo is a constant, as it works well with other blues—almost like a neutral,” says Design Manager Grainne Coogan. “We continue to create lines inspired by travel, our global signature, and unique designs.”

Bella-Dura highlighted its Harborview, which features a small-scale stripe with a menswear vibe. It has a herringbone ground and a delicate pinstripe that’s created by the slub yarn.

Officials said neutrals continue to be popular both indoors and outdoors, but they are getting warmer with colors like camel and straw

“What is exciting to see is that color is being embraced more now than in the past,” said company CEO Greg Thomases. “We are seeing more greens. Organic weaves are on the rise and plains are becoming more textured.”

The company also just launched its brand-new Bella Dura Home Cut Program, a collection of 130 of its best-selling and new fabrics available by the yard and in stock.

Outdura unveiled 173 intros this market—one of its largest debuts ever—with its brand-new Virage series, The company spotlighted the Escape collection, one of four themes in the series. 


Escape features natural colors and shapes that aim to help people relax, unplug and enjoy nature. “The theme with Escape is mindfulness,” says Outdura Senior Designer Mariia Elizarova. “Textures and colors take inspiration from the forest.”

To help show the fabrics in action, the company had a Design Cube display set up in the Market Square Courtyard to show the fabric on furniture, and they repeated the vignette in their showroom.

Ultrafabrics also had a Design Cube in the entrance where it showed off a bold color that it carried over into its showroom: white.

While white has long been a risky color, new performance properties make it as good a choice as any, and it brings a more elegant, refined look to outdoor spaces. 

The company continues to tout its Coast collection an indoor/outdoor performance fabric that has a subtle pebble-like texture with a soft touch — almost like leather. Its curated color palette consists of 16 shades of sand, driftwood, coral, sea glass, and sky blues.

Revolution Fabrics has several new debuts this market, including Revolution Washables, a new line of multi-purpose fabric available in several different designs, from jacquard to stripes and plains.

The company also added three more quick-ship SKUs, including base cloths and Revolution’s Coastal and Design Oasis patterns. 

“We’re looking at a new and unique approach to coastal,” says marketing director Anderson Gibbons. “Our boucles are also doing well outdoors as people are looking for more texture and they like different looks.” 

Valdese Weaver’s InsideOut Performance Fabrics line was recently expanded in partnership with Taylor King and Seaqual Initiative to include performance fabrics made from processed marine plastic.

InsideOut’s Samberg collection

Christy Almond, said the reception to the line has been great, and it continues the company’s green story, as all InsideOut fabrics are sustainably produced. 

In addition, the company also introduced 24 new colors in its Samberg collection, which features fabrics that have a heathered look and canvas-like feel, which Almond said is on trend today. 

Sunbelievable debuted its 100% acrylic fabrics this market, a new alternative to its previous poly and acrylic blend. 

Sales associate TJ Finneran said they added the category because customers have been asking for it, and new designs include heavy textures and on-trend colors.

Lead times average 5 weeks—6-8 for ocean freight—and the company also has 43 quick-ship stock options in its Hickory, North Carolina facility and can ship these next day.

While Premier Prints didn’t bring any brand-new collections to Interwoven — as they save those for the winter market — the company said its latest Bohemian collection is doing well as more people are looking for bold geometric designs as well as black fabrics, even for the outdoors. 

The company also talked up its in-stock next-day shipping from its North Carolina facility and said most other orders are sent out within two to three weeks. 

“We’re facing the same challenges as everyone else in the industry but we’re working through it,” said  Swatch Department Manager Michael Hodges.

He also said the company has stocked up on gray goods, especially for outdoor, as it aims to keep up momentum.

Despite the challenges fabric makers have faced over the last few years, Interwoven was proof that the industry isn’t going down without a fight. And even better—with creative ideas and resilience—it’s on track to come out the other side even stronger than before.

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