Broad River Retail awards $65,000 in scholarships

Broad River Retail (BRR) awarded $65,000 in scholarships to seven recipients through the Founders Scholarship Fund for the 2022-2023 academic school year.

“Broad River Retail is thrilled to provide scholarships to our Memory Makers and their families to help further their educational journeys,” says Charlie Malouf, Broad River Retail president and CEO. “The Founders Scholarship Fund represents our commitment to provide opportunities to our Memory Makers and their families to thrive professionally and academically.”

Scholarship amounts were awarded in different tiers: silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. The scholarship grants were up to $15,000 annually, divided equally between two semesters. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, books, fees, and approved housing provided by the school.

Twenty-three candidates applied for the Founders Scholarship Fund. Candidates completed a scholarship application and answered writing prompts, including a “Life’s Best Memories” essay.

The Founders Scholarship Fund winners are:

  • Emelyne Henderson, Memory Maker Experience
  • Melanie Maldonado, Retail Operations
  • Laura Spencer, Retail Performance
  • Douglas Innocenti, Jr., Son of a Memory Maker
  • Nicole Castoro, Daughter of a Memory Maker
  • Mikala Lymus, Inventory Control
  • Cameron Flowers, Son of a Memory Maker

“We are truly honored to recognize these seven individuals for their impressive achievements,” Manny Rodrigues, Broad River Retail Chief Operating Officer says. “We wish them many successes in their pursuit of higher education and look forward
to see the amazing things they will accomplish.”

BRR will celebrate these scholarship recipients in June at the Founders Scholarship Fund reception. The reception allows the company to gather, recognize, and encourage each recipient as they prepare for their next chapter in continuing their education.

The Founders Scholarship Fund was established to create opportunities for Memory Makers and students affiliated with Broad River Retail to create their best memories and to thrive without financial burden. BRR launched the Founders Scholarship Fund in 2019.

The inaugural class of recipients for the 2019-2020 academic year had five winners awarded a total of $50,000 in scholarships.

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