ICFA working with Merchandise Mart on Casual Market proposal

The International Casual Furnishings Association (ICFA) is discussing a proposal with the Chicago Merchandise Mart to hold one Casual Market in July 2022.

Because the 2022 Casual Market is planned for Sept 20-23, it would give permanent exhibitors a very short time to be out of Merchandise Mart by the end of September, as many of the permanent exhibitor’s leases expire Sept. 30, 2022.

Harold Hudson, chairman of the ICFA Executive Committee, says that many retailers came to the July Premarket last year to place their orders as opposed to waiting for the September Market to place orders due to supply chain issues.

“We expect those buying habits to remain in 2022, as supply chain issues will likely not be resolved by then,” he says.

Hudson also says that “the negotiations are still ongoing. We received another proposal on Monday, and we are currently reviewing the document. We expect to take a recommendation to the ICFA Executive Committee and the Board shortly.  

Hudson adds that this is a move strictly reserved for the 2022 market and will not be the case for Atlanta. 

“This does not mean there will only be one casual show in 2023 when we move to Atlanta, we are only proposing this for the 2022 final year of the market in Chicago because of changing buying habits due to supply chain issues,” Hudson says. “The ICFA appreciates the 40-plus year relationship with the Chicago Merchandise Mart and hopes to be able to work out an Agreement that both entities are happy with.”

Alex Milstein

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