STORIS announces integration and STORIS now offer integration capabilities to their mutual home furnishings and appliance retail partners, which enables STORIS post-purchase data to be utilized in’s platform.

Through this integration, order, inventory, fulfillment, and customer data collected in STORIS’ Point of Sale and e-commerce solutions during the shopping experience will be sent to will use this data to build customized customer interactions, optimize routes, and manage last-mile fleets using their proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The system will also automate communications to customers via chatbots for purposes such as self-scheduling, confirming, or adjusting deliveries. Further, will automatically trigger a request for post-delivery feedback, prompt for reviews, as well as send product suggestions to re-engage a new sale.

“With the evolution occurring across commerce, it is becoming more critical for retailers to connect and engage with their customers in a personalized and contextual manner,” says Ziv Fass, co-founder and CEO of “The integration between STORIS and enables our mutual retail partners to be more customer-centric and responsive. It also allows retailers to leverage the power of AI to turn existing customers into brand champions and repeat buyers, all while reducing operational and labor costs.” uses AI and machine learning algorithms to automate operational decisions. The system continually collects delivery and consumer historical data and leverages machine learning to improve its decision-making. Through this model, “has proven to support industry retailers in boosting online customer satisfaction ratings, increasing online review rates and sales, and reducing failed deliveries,” according to a release.

STORIS’ Product Services Manager, Todd Rutler, adds, “Mastering customer communication is more important than ever given the volatility in this area of our industry. By providing automated communications and optimized logistics, our mutual retailers can stay ahead of customer satisfaction. We are glad to offer our retailer this integration to seamlessly share our valuable transactional data to be optimized in the last-mile and post-purchase phases of the customer journey.”

For more information, visit To learn about STORIS’ integration with, visit their website.

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